Cascadian All in One, LLC provides the best ready-made 5-way and 6-way covered soil mixes around.  Our new and improved soil blends have changed this year to better fit customers request.  We serve all the Portland Metro Areas and will guarantee delivery up a 40 mile radius of our location.

Landscaper’s love our:

Landscapers Choice 4 way soil blend

Landscapers Choice Soil Mix is a specially blended  soil mix consisting of  soil amendments which include organic compost, aged fir bark mulch/compost , screened top soil/sandy loam, and aged screened manure.  We add a small amount of lime to the mix to help balance out the soils Ph level.  This soil mix is a perfect soil blend that holds water and nutrients and are then released when plants need it.  Landscapers choice soil mix is a excellent soil amendment for all your landscaping needs including planting a new lawn or re-seeding an existing one.  To have better success in the overall growth of plantings, a regular regimen of fertilizer is a must.  Landscapers choice soil is covered year round.





Gardeners! Check this out:

Plant Mix 6 way soil blend

Planters Mix Soil is a special soil mix and contains soil amendments which includes organic compost, aged fir bark mulch/compost, aged and screened manure, screened top soil/sandy loam, and white pumice that is great for the Pacific Northwest Landscapes.  A small amount of lime is added to balance out the soil Ph levels.  This soil mix is excellent for containers, planters, raised beds, planting beds, and vegetable gardens.  Plant mix blended soil is a soil amendment and to have success in the growth of all plants a regular regimen of fertilizer is needed.





Please note there are no fertilizers or chemicals mixed into any of our soil mixes.  Whatever your specific need is, the proper fertilizer is necessary for your overall plant growth.  We only use natural organic fertilizer that is found in the aged compost cow manure and horse manure plus a small amount of lime.