Soil Amendments & Compost!

Most Oregonians have a large amount of native clay soils in the landscape making it almost impossible to help your plants grow.  Try our best in soil amendments and compost around!  We serve all of the Portland Area including Hillsboro, Beaverton, Forest Grove, Aloha, North Plains and surrounding areas.

Sandy Loam or Screened Soil

Sandy Loam is a screened soil that is great for use in raised beds, planting beds, vegetable gardens, and flower gardens.  Many soil mixes or soil blends have a certain amount of sandy loam in it.  When using sandy loam in a raised garden bed, it’s best add an organic garden compost, aged bark dust or garden mulch and coarse river sand or fill sand for the perfect soil mix.  Our sandy loam is covered year round.






Mason Sand or Playground Sand

Mason Sand is also classified as gray sand that is screened and washed.  It is used in playgrounds and sand boxes because of this smooth textured landscape product.  Mason sand is used to help with drainage in landscaping as well as other soil amendments.







Garden Compost Mulch

Garden Compost or Garden Mulch is an naturally organic mix of tree branches, decomposed leaves and recycled yard debris.  Although, garden compost or garden mulch may not be best to use as a topsoil, it’s an excellent nutrient enriched soil amendment that can be in any soil mix or blended soil.  This landscape product is used to boost plant growth and is one of the main landscape products used in our soil blends.  We cannot guarantee a weed-free compost.




Coarse River Sand or Fill Sand

Coarse River Sand is also known as Fill Sand.  It is a gray sand that is screened but not washed.  This product is coarser than the mason sand.  Coarse river sand or fill sand is often used as a base for pavers, rock, boulder, gravels and flagstone to help with drainage.  It can also be used when laying underground irrigation pipes in the landscape.   






Fill Dirt is a recycled landscape product that we offer.  If you need fill dirt to back fill an area this product will work.  It is not cleaned or screened but can fill an area relatively cheap.  It has some gravel, roots, and other organic bio-degradable landscape material.  We cannot guarantee that this product is weed free.

Red Clay Soil

Red Clay Soil is mainly used on the pitchers’ mound of local baseball fields or as a fill soil.  We cannot guarantee that it is weed free.







Red Sports Field Conditioner

Red Field Conditioner is only available in bulk bags and it is only available by special order only for specs by professionals or sports field professionals.