Sod Pallets

We are the top local sod supplier in Washington County providing the best sod to meet all your needs.   Here at Cascadian All in One, LLC we guarantee deliver to your door the next day including Saturday.  Free delivery is available.  Call us today!







100% Perennial Rye Sod

100% Perennial Rye Sod is best used for consistently sunny locations.  It consists of three different rye grasses and is a cool-season grass.  This sod is dark green and moderately dense.  Rye grass or sod has an excellent disease and drought resistance that plague our lawn areas.







RTF or Tall Fescue Sod

RTF Sod (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is best used in shady and drought tolerant locations allowing you to water less than the other varieties.  It is extremely durable, dense and dark green in color.  It makes an instant grass or lawn areas and it is an extremely disease resistant turf grass.  RTF Sod grows relatively fast and deep, plus, it is great in high traffic areas.






Fun Fact

Tall Fescue seed/grass is grown here in the Pacific Northwest fields and can be seen throughout Washington County.