Crushed Gravel & River Rock!

We are the best landscape rock and gravel supplier in Portland and Hillsboro since 2009.  Check out our huge variety of gravel options for any landscape!  

River Rock

Pea Gravel

 Pea Gravel Rock measures roughly ¼”- ½” size smooth and round.  It can be used around drain pipes but most commonly used in concrete to give a unique texture and color.  It is also used in dry creek or river beds, a low maintenance ground cover, and pathways.  Pea gravel is mostly gray, tan or brown in color.






3/4"-1/4" Round River Rock

¾” – ¼” Round River Rock is smooth and round.  It most commonly used for drainage and to create a unique pebble look to concrete.  It is also used as a low maintenance groundcover, pathways and walkways, dry river beds and ponds. This river rock is mostly gray or brown in color.






1 1/2"-3/4 Round River Rock

1 ½”- ¾” Round River Rock is smooth and round.  It is commonly used where water must pass with little to no restrictions.  This product is great to use in ponds, water features, dry wells, walkways and pathways and for drainage.  It is mostly gray and brown in color.






2"-6" Round River Rock

2″ – 6″ Round River Rock are smooth, round and can be in a multitude of colors.  Great to use to create a natural river bed or dry creek beds, ponds and many types of water features.






Crushed Rocks and Gravels

3/4"- Minus Crushed Rock

3/4″ – Minus Crushed Rock is great when used as a base for patios, driveways, pathways, concrete, gravel roads, or retaining walls.  This gravel works great to compact firmly by having tightly interlocking product natural grit or minus mixed in with the gravel. It is mostly blue gray in color.






1/4"- Minus Crushed Rock

1/4″ – Minus Crushed Rock is smaller than the ¾”- minus and is great for use in pathways and walkways. It is ideal under or between flagstone or pavers and compacts firmly by having a tight interlocking product of natural grit or minus mixed in with the gravel.  It is mostly blue gray in color.






1/4"-10 Clean Crushed Rock

1/4″ – 10 Clean Crushed Rock drains easily and is used when compaction is not the goal.  It is great when used loosely in pathways and walkways.  It is gray and tan in color.







1/2"-1/4" Clean Crushed Rock

1/2″ – 1/4″ Clean Crushed Rock is used when drainage is the goal.  This product is excellent for back filling around underground drain pipes and retaining walls.  This can also be used to freshen up gravel driveways and roads.  It is commonly a blue gray color.





1 1/2"-3/4" Clean Crushed Rock or Drain Rock

1 1/2″ – 3/4″ Clean Crushed Rock also known as Drain Rock.  It is best used under retaining walls or as an excellent back fill for drain pipes.  It’s main function is to provide drainage to any landscape. This product is a blue gray color.







Red Lava Rock

Red Lava Rock or Volcanic Rock It is very porous and lightweight red or burgundy in color.  It is a unique alternative to bark dust, bark mulch or low ground cover.  This product is great for deterring some insects by their abrasive qualities.